terça-feira, abril 06, 2010

I try to find you in a distant country somewhere else.
You told me your lips were mine to kiss you.
I try to find you in words I wrote in spaces I left behind.
I try to find you in kisses I shared without you.
I find the beauty I found in you, in these distant winters in somewhere else
I try to put my arms all around you, because you'll might be there.
You don't need to be alone in this quest.
Sometimes we just need to get lost in a distant country,
or in a photo we bring with us.
To get lost in your eyes, in someone else's face is how I drink my days,
I taste your lips in this coffee cup,
with the flavors of distant winters that cover my eyes.
I bring you with me with the wind in my hair,
saying those words that never belonged to us.
I paint you in a notebook someone left behind with words we kept with us.
And finally there you are with me,
inside me crying for places where you'll never be.
In the end I bring you with me inside me, and there you'll stay.
In every place I'll visit, in every lips I'll kiss and in every eyes I'll drink.